On 18 May 2010, the European Commission published a staff working paper (the Working Paper) on the phasing out of bank guarantees after 30 June 2010. A review of the use of Government guarantees found that the number of bank guarantees has declined since the first half of 2009 with sound institutions increasingly seeking to benefit from more favourable conditions in the market. The study also found that access to market funding is no longer a systematic and general problem and the cost of funding guarantees has reduced. The Commission considers that the conditions under which it approves guarantee schemes should be reviewed. The Commission is considering reviewing the conditions under which guarantee schemes are approved. In particular, it believes that fees should be increased and banks which continue to rely on State guarantees should have to demonstrate their long-term viability. It plans to introduce new additional conditions when approving new bank guarantee schemes after 30 June 2010. In addition, it will closely review the operation of current schemes.