The World Brand Lab announces the watch report on “China’s Top 500 most valuable brands” for 2016 (13th) on the World Brand Meeting, held on June 22 in Beijing. The watch report was produced on the basis of financial status, consumer behaviors and brand strength, with the State Grid, the brand value of which is estimated at CNY 305.568 billion, on the very top of this year’s list. Top five of the list also included Tencent (CNY 287.592 billion), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (CNY 274.832 billion), China Life (CNY 253.628 billion) and Haier (CNY 221.865 billion). They are all Chinese Brands that have entered the club of world famous brands.

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The report shows that the total value of China’s 500 most valuable brands in 2016 amounts to CNY 13, 269.630 billion, marking an increase of CNY 2456. 474 billion and an increase rate of 22.72%.

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