For some time, it has been the White House's position that all GHG emission allowances under a cap-and-trade program should be distributed by auction; that is, to obtain allowances, industry would have to be the highest bidder at a government auction or purchase allowances in private transactions from the entities that won the allowances at auction. It appears, however, that the White House may be open to the idea of delaying the 100 percent auction approach: Head of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, John Holdren, said regarding the 100 percent auction, "whether you get to start with that or get there over a period of time is something that's being discussed." Delaying the 100 percent auction approach would open the door for allowances to allocate to industry free of charge, which the administration hopes would build more support for climate change legislation. An issue with which legislators would be required to wrestle, though, is to what industries and industry members allowances would be allocated, which leads to the potential criticism that, without 100 percent auction, legislators will be picking winners and losers.