Labor and employment issues will be an important priority in Governor Pritzker's new administration. Pritzker's second executive order addressed three labor and employment issues. Although largely symbolic, this order demonstrates Pritzker's priorities.

First, Pritzker ordered all State Agencies to comply with Illinois' Project Labor Agreements Act, 30 ILCS 571/1 et seq. ("Act"). Although the Act never changed under Governor Rauner's administration, it was a point of emphasis for Rauner who sought to do away the Act.

Second, Pritzker has tried to "light a fire" under the Illinois Department of Labor. He is ordering the Department to evaluate its current case load over the next 60 days and ensure that "egregious and repeated violations" are referred to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General for civil prosecution. Pritzker wants other cases referred to binding administration hearings ASAP.

Finally, Pritzker's executive order instructs State Agencies to stop asking employees for salary history information which the Governor says, "often disadvantages women, with women of color experiencing the most inequity." See CCM's prior article on the Illinois legislature's attempt to eliminate salary history inquiries. Not coincidentally, Michigan's governor issued a similar executive order to Governor Pritzker's one week earlier.

Governor Pritzker also called for a $15 minimum wage in his inauguration speech. Change is coming for employees and employers from Springfield.