A dispute arose between Century Indemnity Company and Everest Reinsurance Company over reinsurance coverage for certain asbestos claims. The parties each selected an arbitrator pursuant to the procedure set forth in their reinsurance treaty. Unable to reach agreement on the selection of a neutral umpire, Everest filed an action seeking appointment of an umpire or, in the alternative, to compel Century to participate in an ARIAS neutral umpire selection process. After Everest filed its complaint, however, Century agreed to the ARIAS process as part of a global agreement involving the arbitration (the “Formosa Arbitration”), and two other pending arbitrations (the “Congoleum Arbitration” and the “Flintkote Arbitration”), mooting the issue. Everest thereafter moved to enforce the global agreement, complaining that Century had sought to consolidate the Congoleum Arbitration with another arbitration that was not part of the agreement, and in which a panel of arbitrators had already been selected, circumventing the agreed-upon panel selection process. The court denied Everest’s motion on the basis that it was outside the complaint’s scope, which merely sought appointment of a neutral umpire in the Formosa Arbitration. To obtain relief regarding the Congoleum Arbitration, Everest could file a motion with the Congoleum Arbitration panel or in the court where other motions relating to that proceeding were pending. Everest Reinsurance Co. v. Century Indemnity Co., Case No. 11-2789 (USDC D.N.J. Oct. 31, 2011).