The Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan prescribed the Guidelines for Scoring the Contract Performance of Public Infrastructure Project Contractors (hereinafter, the "Guidelines") by the Gong-Cheng-Guan-10300375820 Circular of October 27, 2014. Consisting of 10 points, the Guidelines came into effect on October 27, 2014.

The Guidelines are formulated by the Public Construction Commission (hereinafter, the "PCC") to enhance the management mechanisms for public infrastructure projects and to compel contractors to perform based on the required schedule and quality under the awarded contract and to pay attention to project execution performance so that the contractors can carry out their responsibilities for execution quality management, environmental protection and construction safety and sanitation under Article 70 of the Government Procurement Law.

The Guidelines primarily include the following requirements:

  1. Points 2 and 3 stipulate that a government agency, public school, state-owned enterprise (hereinafter, the "Procuring Agencies") that handle a project procurement of a value reaching above the threshold for publication shall score the performance of the contractor in accordance with the Guidelines. The basic sore is 77 and the full score is 100. The scoring indicators include "status of performance against schedule," "performance cost and default penalties," "construction quality," "safety, sanitation and environmental protection," "citizens' complaints and suspension of rights," etc., as indicated in Schedule 1 of the Guidelines.
  2. Point 4 requires that a Procuring Agency shall record the confirmed factual performance data about the contractor relating to scoring in the PCC's Public Infrastructure Project Management System before the 10th day of the month following the facts.
  3. Point 5 requires a Procuring Agency to include the complete scoring facts and data in the project management system and to conduct scoring operation within 7 days after the acceptance inspection of the project. After the score is approved, the result will be communicated in writing to the contractor.
  4. Point 9 requires that the scoring data for each individual project as recorded in the project management system shall be available online for the contractor of such project.
  5. Point 10 provides that for a project contracted to awarded joint tendering suppliers, an overall score will be assigned to all the contractors that execute the contract.