On 20 March 2018, transport MEPs voted in favour of a proposed regulation 'on safeguarding competition in air transport', which would repeal and replace Regulation 868/2004. The current regulation, enacted in 2004, was designed to protect EU airlines competing against third country carriers who may benefit from subsidies which would be disallowed under Community law, however the Regulation has never been applied and there have been several criticisms of the current regulation. The Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs described it as "totally ineffective". Under the proposed new legislation, an investigation can be initiated if there is evidence of either a violation of obligations contained in an international air transport or air services agreement relating to practices which may affect competition, or a practice adopted by a third country or third country entity which affects competition and causes injury, or a threat of injury, to an EU airline. Full details can be found here: https://www.twobirds.com/en/news/articles/2018/global/proposedreplacement-to-regulation-868-1008-eu-moves-a-step-closer-to-a-new-regulation