Not only Elvis, but the Beastie Boys too. Two interesting facts from the last will and testament of the late and much-lamented Adam Yauch, the Beasties’ lead singer, which was filed in New York surrogate court on 6 August. First, the will prohibits the use of Yauch’s image, name, music or artistic property ‘for advertising purposes’. The prohibition with respect to music and artistic property was added in pencil and it’s not clear to what extent other bandmembers have rights in the material, so there may yet be a beer commercial to the strains of ‘Fight for your Right...’ (But then again maybe not, given the Boys’ recent suit for alleged misuse of their music to promote an event sponsored by a manufacturer of energy drinks: Beastie Boys v Monster Energy Corp, 1:12-cv- 06065 (SDNY, filed 8 August 2012)). Secondly, an unusual guardianship clause with respect to Yauch’s only child, Tenzin, in the event that neither Yauch nor his widow is around to watch over her: if Yauch dies in an even year, his parents will serve as guardians with his wife’s parents as back-up; if he dies in an odd year, it will be the other way round.

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