Incidences of cybercrime and cybersecurity breaches are rapidly escalating, both internationally and in South Africa. South Africa is a target for cybercrime on the African continent, due to comparatively high internet connectivity in relation to other African countries.

Among the threats posed to South African business by cybercrime are the unlawful acquisition or interference with sensitive data relating to their clientele or business operations, cyber fraud and cyber forgery.

The Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill was tabled in Parliament on 21 February 2017 and has created several new offences for unlawful cyber activity, including the above examples of cybercrime, and imposes penalties on offenders who commit cybercrime. It also creates infrastructure, such as the Cyber Response Committee and 24/7 Point of Contact, to promote cybersecurity within South Africa. The Bill is a positive development in the white collar crime and anti-corruption space, as it addresses the immediate and costly danger posed by cybercrime.