Oracle Corporation's planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems this summer has hit an obstacle following the announcement by the European Commission on 3 September 2009, that it will conduct a second-phase in-depth investigation over the impact of the deal on access to MySQL open source database product. Sun is a provider of computing infrastructure, including server and storage solutions, middleware and database software. Oracle is a US company primarily active in the production and sale of company software (including middleware). It already has a significant market share in the database market, having previously acquired Siebel and PeopleSoft, and its database products currently compete directly with Sun's MySQL. During its initial investigation the Commission sent out questionnaires to customers and competitors inquiring whether the deal raised concerns over access to MySQL and Sun's Java software. Following those responses the Commission has clearly decided that it needs more time to delve deeper into the issue. In the US, the Department of Justice carried out its own anti-trust investigation before it announced on 20 August 2009 that it had satisfied its concerns. The Commission has until 19 January 2010 to reach its own conclusions