To further improve the taxation administration system following the reform of the registered capital registration system, on July 7, 2014 the State Administration of Taxation issued the Opinion of the State Administration of Taxation on Innovating Taxation Services and Administration (hereinafter, the "Opinion").

The Opinion is highlighted as follows: innovative services, the promotion of tax registration facilitation, and the promotion of diversified tax registration methods. These primarily include matters such as application acceptance by either national tax agencies or local tax agencies, collective acceptance or joint handling by multiple agencies, "consolidation of three certificates," and "electronic registration," which provide multiple options and convenience benefiting taxpayers' tax registration. Meanwhile, innovative administration should be achieved by promoting precise subsequent supervision. To conduct proper subsequent supervision after manners of tax registration are innovated, the Opinion stresses optimized services and optimized supervision, and equal importance should be attached to both aspects. Finally, the Opinion regards system innovation as the most important priority. System innovation and perfection should be promoted based on a risk management rationale and methodology to effectively prevent tax risks.