Law no. 120/2015 of September 1 was approved, introducing the ninth amendment to the Labour Code, approved by Law no. 7/2009 of February 12, enhancing maternity and paternity rights.

Amendment/extension of license periods

  • Increases the father’s mandatory parental leave to 15 working days;
  • Establishes the possibility of simultaneous use by parents of the initial parental leave between 120 and 150 days;
  • Requires the agreement of the employer for the enjoyment of the initial parental leave simultaneously by the mother and father working in the same company, in the case of a micro-enterprise;
  • Establishes that the father’s exclusive parental leave of 15 working days, consecutive or not, must be mandatorily enjoyed, within 30 days after the birth of the child, 5 of which enjoyed consecutively immediately following the birth.


  • Employees with children up to 3 years are entitled to perform their work under a teleworking regime, where compatible with the performance of their activity. The employer is not able to oppose.

Group adaptability and group working hours bank

  • Exclusion from the application of group adaptability and group working hours bank of employees with children up to 3 years, who do not agree in writing with the application of such regimes.

These amendments to the Labour Code will enter into force on September 6, except those regarding to the father’s exclusive parental leave, which will only enter into force with the next State Budget.