The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Code of Practice on confidential personal information establishes principles by which the CQC will obtain, use and dispose of confidential personal information. The CQC will have (and publish) a range of more detailed policies and procedures, developed to comply with the principles of the code.

The code is intended to be used in two main ways:  

  • by CQC staff to set out how they will work and to provide a point of reference against which their practice can be judged; and  
  • by CQC stakeholders (people who use the services, carers, the public, providers of health and social care and other regulatory bodies) to find out about the principles that they can expect the CQC to follow and be reassured about their use of confidential personal information.  

The code of practice is made up of ten chapters and an appendix detailing the legal framework which the code adheres to. Essentially, the code of practice sets standards in accordance with relevant law. It is an accessible and handy tool for those employed by, and stakeholders to, the CQC.  

The CQC is obliged to keep the code of practice under review with the next review of the code of practice being no later than June 2011.