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Online Travel Agencies Drawn into Indonesian Antitrust Probe MLex Insight on Mar 26, 2019 Indonesian online travel agencies have now been drawn into a widening probe into various allegations of anticompetitive behavior in the country’s aviation industry.

Australia: Expedia takes first step to end rate parity clauses Hospitality Net - Latest Industry News on Mar 25, 2019 The company has bowed to industry pressure and taken action independently of any government or authority edict to waive its contracted narrow-rate parity, According to a memo sent to lodging partners, President Expedia Lodging Partner Services, Cyril...

Is Co-Working More Than a Gimmick?

A big part of the conversation surrounding the future of meetings is the emergence of co-working over the last decade as a new paradigm for the workplace environment. Not everyone is buying a bright future for co-working though. The CEO of boutique hotel brand 25hours Hotels, for instance, thinks that gimmicks are no replacement for building a compelling environment for work and play in a traditional hospitality setting. Co-Living and Co-Working Are Gimmicks, Declares 25hours Hotels CEO: What’s most interesting about this boutique lifestyle hotel brand is its willingness to take risks and to continually experiment, but not if that means following the pack.