A new power plant in Sandusky County will be part of American Electric Power (AEP)’s growing solar footprint, according to a recent Hannah Report. The 3.6-megawatt solar field will be located on 20 acres of land owned by the city of Clyde, and “is expected to power 550 homes by the first half of 2016,” according to the article. The Clyde solar array joins other solar projects by AEP, including the one-year-old, 101-kilowatt rooftop solar array at the Ohio State University (see our August 4, 2014 blog post for more on this) and “the 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) the company signed with Wyandot Solar in Upper Sandusky,” reports Hannah. AEP Energy President Greg Hall said the project “will provide the residents of Clyde with local access to clean, affordable, renewable energy,” and also provides “an innovative, green way for the city to reduce its capacity, transmission and ancillary service obligations as an electric municipality,” in the article. City Manager Paul Fiser said the solar field is part of the city’s commitment to “competitively priced electricity through a ‘diverse power supply portfolio.’”