Since May 1st, 2013, the minimum wage has been increased to $10.15 per hour. The hourly wage of employees receiving tips has been increased by $0.20 per hour, bringing it to $8.75. As a result of this increase, Quebec's minimum wage rate is amongst one of the highest among the Canadian provinces.

The Minister also announced certain modifications to the compensation of agricultural workers. For additional information, consult the Board’s website

It is important to remember that the minimum wage is governed by the Labour Standards Act (the LSA) and the Regulation Respecting Labour Standards. An employee covered by the LSA is entitled to receive wages that are at least equal to the minimum wage for each hour worked, including training, initiation and trial periods. Moreover, the minimum wage must be paid fully and no benefit having pecuniary value may be taken into account in computing the minimum wage, such as lodging or the use of  an automobile.