Recent speeches by Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of EIOPA, delivered at the Better Finance for All Conference in Reykjavik and at a public event in Frankfurt, emphasised EIOPA's current focus on consumer protection. In Reykjavik, Mr. Bernardino echoed many of the points made by EIOPA's Director of Regulations in a June speech on the approach to restoring consumer confidence in the sale of general insurance products (see last month's tracker). One of the key messages of Mr. Bernadino's speech was the importance of getting back to basics on consumer protection and he called for financial service providers to "go beyond what is legal and start doing what is legitimate". Mr. Bernadino also spoke on the future of life insurance and Solvency II at the Handelsbatt Conference on 15 July 2014. He expressed the view that long-term guarantee measures and the matching adjustment regime in Solvency II will lead to new kinds of products being developed by life insurers and changes in product design. The text of all speeches can be found on the EIOPA website.