As a result of an agreement between the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and the Cambodian Ministry of Industry & Handicraft (MIH), owners of granted Singaporean patents can now re-register their patents in Cambodia.

Documentation requirements

The Applicant needs to submit the following to the MIH:

  • a Cambodian patent application form;
  • a certified copy of the Certificate of Grant for the Singapore patent;
  • a certified copy of the final specification;
  • a certified copy of the Singapore form PF8, when the applicant is not the inventor;
  • power of attorney in Cambodia.


The fees will include:

  • US$60 application fee;
  • US$150 grant fee;
  • back renewals calculated from filing date (renewals for Cambodia range from US$20 (first year) to US$890 (20th year));
  • excess claim fees of US$5 for each claim exceeding 11.