As per the Communique on the Amendment of the Communique on Export-Prohibited and Pre-Approved Goods published in the Official Gazette dated March 3, 2020 numbered 31058 Export of medical and surgical masks are now subject to pre-authorization of Ministry of Commerce (“Ministry”).

“There was a remarkable growth in mask sales; 45 percent in January and 70 percent in February. Our inspections on 13 firms proceeds due to the complaints on unfair price increase.” Minister Pekcan said.

The Ministry of Commerce added the export of medical masks, gas masks, particle respirators, protective clothes, medical sterile/non-sterile gloves, chemical protective glasses and aprons to the list of goods, which are subject to the Ministry’s pre-authorization, to prevent these goods to enter the black market due to the Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic that emerged in China and spread worldwide.