[Data Source: Official Website of MOEA, R.O.C.]

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) released the Top 100ranking list for the year 2013 regarding patent applications and grant publications.  The native corporation Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has been ranked in first place for the 12th consecutive year with 3,086 patent applications and 2,167 granted patents in 2013; in particular, 2,756 cases are invention applications.  The ranking details are listed as below.

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In contrast, the ranking of the foreign corporate applicants has substantially changed, where Apple Inc. (with 581 patent applications) and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (with 597 granted patents) have both ranked in first place on each list.

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Although Hon Hai has remained in the first place for its significant number of patent applications and granted patents over the years, the annual amount has steadily fallen for the past 3 years. On the contrary, the amount of patent applications of TSMC rose dramatically by 106.19% compared with its numbers for  the previous year.

Furthermore, foreign corporate applicants still took the lead in filing invention applications in Taiwan in 2013, such as Samsung Electronic Display Co., Ltd. (South Korea), ranked No. 1 with 425 applications (an increase of 77.82% compared to the previous year); and Apple Inc., ranked No. 2 with 410 applications (an increase of 50.18% compared to the previous year).

Patent applications from native academic and research institutes have declined in 2013.  Among research institutes, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, through ranked No. 1, downsized to 584 patent applications, a significant drop of 27%. Among colleges and universities, 30 academic applicants were on the top 100 list, where Far East University led the academic applicants with 346 applications, mostly utility model patents, while Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology took the second place with 255 applications, mainly invention patents. The applications of the above two universities dropped by 28.51% and 4.85%, respectively.  In addition, National Taiwan University is the academic applicant who has filed the most invention applications in 2013 (up to 159 cases); however, the amount also dropped by 3.64% compared to the previous year.

Among the 2013 Top 100 of native applicants, 30 applicants are colleges and universities and 6 applicants are research institutes, while corporations occupy about two thirds of the entire applicants, and among which are mainly large enterprises. The total amount of patent applications decreased by 2.83% compared with that of the previous year.