On August 4, 2012 the Government's enhanced allergen labelling requirements for prepackaged foods, announced in February 2011, come into force. Products that do not contain compliant labels after that date will be subject to CFIA compliance and enforcement measures, possibly including product recalls.

The enhanced allergen labelling requirements include, for example: "Contains..." warning statements with regards to food allergens, gluten sources and sulphites; increased component and source disclosures in the ingredients list; recognition of new allergens and gluten sources (i.e. mustard seed, spelt, kamut); and, extension of allergen labelling to wine and spirits, and prepackaged fruits and vegetables.

Manufacturers and importers are urged to verify that their product labels are compliant with the food allergen labelling regulations. Detailed information on the requirements is available on the Health Canada Health Canada - Food Allergen Labelling and CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Food Allergies and Allergen Labelling Information for Industry websites and we would be pleased to provide compliance advice upon request.