CCI by its order dated July 1, 2015 dismissed allegations of bid-rigging against manufacturers of leather fabrics used in non-AC coaches on the Indian Railways. It was alleged that Responsive Industries Ltd., a major manufacturer of upholstery, had entered into a cartel with 4 other manufacturers, and bid for various tenders with an understanding that only Responsive shall secure the tender. It was alleged that the rates quoted were not competitive in nature and were exorbitant. However, the CCI noted that the prices quoted by the bidders were actually lower than the indicated price of upholstery, thus dismissing the allegation of excessive prices being quoted by the bidders. Responsive Industries, against whom the primary allegations were made, justified quoting higher prices on account of devaluation of Rupee and hike in petroleum prices which led to increase in manufacturing cost of the upholstery. The CCI took into account that the opposite parties had established that they were independent entities and no collusion existed amongst them which would have resulted in violation of the Act. Even the I.P. addresses of computers from which bids were submitted were found to be distinct. CCI closed the case as it did not find any violation of the Act established.