The Government recently published its legislative agenda for Spring/Summer 2018. Of particular note in the employment space is a new Bill, the Gender Pay Gap (Wage Transparency) Bill 2018. The Bill is yet to be published but it is important to note that the Bill has been given priority drafting status.

Previously we have reported on the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill (click here for our earlier alerter). This is a Labour Party Private Members Bill that the Government had indicated they were not opposing. It completed Committee stage in the Seanad last October.

Since then the Department of Justice held a consultation on gender pay gap and hosted a symposium on the issue on 10 January 2018, where the Minister stated:

"The Government will be bringing forward a range of actions to tackle this issue, starting with legislation on wage transparency”.

The new Bill appears to be the first step in a range of actions designed to tackle the topical gender pay gap issue. No further detail is available yet however we will monitor and update as soon as any Bill is published.