A new and updated version of the handbook for the Life in the UK test has been published by the UKBA and is now available to buy. The new version is entitled 'Life in the UK  - A guide to new residents'. 

The Life in the UK test is for migrants wishing to seek permanent residence in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen. A new, 45 minute version of the test will be introduced on 25 March 2013, eight weeks after the publication of the handbook and therefore giving applicants time to prepare.

The UKBA says the handbook has been updated to provide an accurate reflection of life in the UK and includes a greater emphasis on British culture and history. Questions on the legal system, democracy and government are also included.

Unlike the current test, which only has questions on selected chapters in the book, the new test will include questions on all sections of the handbook. The UKBA has also stressed that the booking system will make it clear to candidates whether they are booking the new or old test.