Romania’s Parliament recently enacted a number of amendments to the Trade Registry Law and the Company Law aimed at ensuring Romania’s membership to the interconnection of business registers established at EU level. The amendments are necessary to implement an EU directive adopted in 2012.

The interconnection system is a network of EU Member State business registers and the European central platform designed to increase access to cross border information on companies. Each entity registered in the system will receive a unique identification number issued at European level (EUID) and all registration certificates issued from 7 July 2017 onwards will include EUIDs.

Starting from 7 July 2017, the following information will be available to the public on the Trade Registry website free of charge: 

  • the name and legal form of the registered company; 
  • the headquarters/professional address of registered company; 
  • the Member State where the company is registered; 
  • the registration number of the registered company; 
  • the unique tax registration code; 
  • the registered company’s EUID; and 
  • the status of the company.

Additionally, any Romanian legal person that establishes branches abroad is obligated to inform the Romanian Trade Registry after the branches are registered with the foreign business registers. Likewise, legal persons registered in other states who open branches in Romania must register the branches with the Romanian Trade Registry.