Rectification Statement No. 24/2013. D.R. (Official Gazette) No. 90, Series I of 2013-05-10

Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Secretariat-General

Rectifying Order No. 120/2013 of 26 March, of the Ministry of Economy and Employment, amending for the third time Order No. 92/2011 of 28 February, regulating the Programa de Estágios Profissionais (Vocational Training Programme), published in Diário da República (Official Gazette) No. 60, 1st Series of 26 March 2013.

Notice No. 6242/2013. D.R. (Official Gazette) No. 91, Series II of 2013-05-13

Ministry of Finance – Directorate-General of Administration and Public Employment

Public Employer’s Collective Bargaining Agreement entered into between the Planning and Policies’ Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Territorial Planning.

Regional Regulating Decree No. 3/2013/A. D.R. (Official Gazette) No. 97, Series I of 2013-05-21

Autonomous Region of Azores – Presidency of the Government

Amending for the first time Regional Regulating Decree No. 29/2000/A, of 13 September regulating the support to be granted by the autonomous regional administration to the functioning of the social employment market in the Autonomous Region of Azores.

Regional Legislative Decree No. 3/2013/A. D.R. (Official Gazette) No. 99, Series I of 2013-05-23

Autonomous Region of Azores – Legislative Assembly

Amending for the fourth time Regional Legislative Decree No. 8/2002/A, of 10 April laying down the legal framework of the granting of the regional increase of the minimum wage, of the regional pension supplement and of the regional additional remuneration.

Notice No. 6826/2013. D.R. (Official Gazette) No. 99, Series II of 2013-05-23

Ministry of Finance – Directorate-General of Administration and Public Employment

Collective bargaining agreement of public employer between the DGAEP and the trade union of Workers with Public and Social Functions of Southern Portugal and Autonomous Regions.