July 10 – The Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched five satellites, all manufactured by Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd., on the PSLV launch vehicle. Two of the satellites are experimental; the other three comprise the DMC3 constellation of onemeter-resolution Earth observation satellites. China’s Twenty-First Century Aerospace Technology Co. (21AT) has purchased the entire capacity of the DMC3 constellation – called Beijing-2 by 21AT – for seven years.

July 15 – Arianespace S.A. successfully launched the Star One C4 and MSG-4 satellites, for Embratel Star One of Brazil and Europe’s Eumetsat meteorological monitoring organization, respectively, on an Ariane 5 launch vehicle. Star One C4, which was manufactured by SSL, is equipped with 48 Kuband transponders and will be positioned at the 70°W orbital location to provide DTH services in Brazil and expand access to other Latin American countries and the United States. MSG-4, which was manufactured by Thales Alenia Space, will be positioned at the 3°W orbital location.