April 22, 2010, the USCIS announced the Texas Service Center E-mail Pilot Initiative: Employment-Based I-485 Special Notification Protocol ("the Initiative"). The purpose of the Initiative is to provide a mechanism by which applicants can facilitate Texas Service Center (TSC) processes relating to specific employment-based I-485 application scenarios through an email address. The Initiative applies to certain specific scenarios, and as such, the email account does not replace general inquiry processes that are in place for users. Specifically, the Initiative sets out procedures for notifying TSC by e-mail (1) when an applicant is eligible for porting under AC21, (2) when an applicant has multiple approved 1-140s with priority dates that are visa available, (3) when an applicant is eligible for cross country chargeability, and (4) when an applicant has an adjustment case that should be transferred. USCIS will make public various FAQs related to the Initiative but has not done so as of the date of this publication.