Like the weather, everyone complains about ISS, but nobody does anything about it.* Well, now is your chance. Companies and executive compensation professionals generally have four opportunities each year to interact with ISS:

  • Two opportunities to make general comments on ISS policies, and
  • Two chances (maybe) to address ISS' specific findings as to their company or client. 

The first opportunity is OPEN NOW. Every year, ISS seeks input from both its institutional investor clients and the corporate issuer community, "in order to get a better understanding of the breadth of financial market views on a range of topics including boards of directors, shareholder rights, and executive compensation/remuneration." Issuers and investors complete the same survey and, realistically, the primary purpose of this survey seems to be for "investors" to express their "concerns" about governance and compensation issues. However, our view is that when you have the opportunity to provide input, you take it.

The policy survey will close on September 13 and ISS will release the results at the end of September.

*"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it." - Generally, but perhaps mistakenly, attributed to Mark Twain.