On 22 December, the Central Bank issued a policy notice titled "Discretions and Options on Submission of Information to the Central Bank under Solvency II". Under the submission of information requirements of Solvency II, National Supervisory Authorities are given certain options and discretions in relation to the information that they may require (re) insurers to submit. This document sets out certain of the discretions and options that the Central Bank have availed of as of December 2016.

The notice sets out the Central Bank's policy on: exemptions from Solvency II annual regulatory item-by-item reporting; the lines of business undertakings are required to report in template S.21.03.01; the definition of number of claims reported in template S.20.01.01; the reporting by currency in templates S.16.01.01 and S.19.01.01; underwriting or accident year reporting in templates S.16.01.01, S.19.01.01, S,19.01.21, S.20.01.01, S.21.01.01 and S.29.03.01; the brackets that must be used when reporting loss distribution information by claims incurred in template S.21.01.01; and the brackets that must be used when reporting information on underwriting risks by sum insured in template S.21.03.01.

A link to the policy notice is here.