Basel Committee reports progress on Basel regulatory framework adoption. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision released an updated progress report on the adoption of the Basel regulatory framework by Committee members, including the status of adoption of the Basel III risk-based capital standards; the liquidity coverage ratio; the net stable funding ratio; the standards for global and domestic systemically important banks; the leverage ratio; the large exposure framework; the interest rate risk in the banking book; and the disclosure requirements. (10/18/2017) BIS press release. 

Basel Committee completes assessment of liquidity coverage ratio implementation. The Basel Committee announced that it has completed its review of the implementation of the liquidity coverage ratio by its member jurisdictions with the publication of assessment reports for Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Switzerland. (10/18/2017) BIS press release. 

ISDA concept paper on Common Domain Model. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association published a paper that proposes a conceptual version of its ISDA Common Domain Model, which would provide a common set of data and processing standards to represent digitally how derivatives are traded and managed. (10/17/2017) ISDA press release.   

FSB issues report on European private pension schemes. The Financial Stability Board’s Regional Consultative Group for Europe published a report on the functioning, vulnerabilities and future challenges for private pension schemes in Europe. (10/17/2017) FSB press release.   

FSB examines cybersecurity regulatory and supervisory practices. The FSB published two reports on its review of cybersecurity regulations, guidance and supervisory practices. The summary report sets out the conclusions and key themes from the FSB’s survey of member jurisdictions, international bodies, and public and private sector participants about cybersecurity in the financial sector. A second report presents a detailed analysis of the FSB’s findings. (10/13/2017) FSB press release. 

IOSCO issues report on non-traditional CRA products and services. The International Organization of Securities Commissions released a report that examines six groups of non-traditional products and services offered by credit rating agencies that market participants may use to make investment decisions. The report offers information about the current status of these products, as well as current industry practices and trends. (10/11/2017) IOSCO press release.