Every day Irish companies communicate with third parties through email, letter, and through visits to their websites.

In doing so many of these companies are unknowingly in breach of the provisions of the Companies Act 2014. Care should therefore be taken to ensure that such breaches do not occur and what follows is a synopsis of what you need to know.

Information to be disclosed

The following particulars must be shown on all business letters of a company and are also required to appear on order forms of limited liability companies:

  • the full name of the company.
  • the names of the directors and their nationality, if not Irish.
  • the legal form of the company.
  • place of registration and registered number (as per certificate of incorporation).
  • address of the registered office.
  • in the case of a company exempt from the obligation to use the use the company type (Companies Limited by Guarantee/Designated Activity Companies) as part of its name, the fact that it is such a company.
  • in the case of a company which is being wound up, the fact that it is so.
  • if the share capital of a company is mentioned on letterheads or order forms of a company, the reference must be to the paid up share capital.

Websites & Corporate Details

All company's which have a website must disclose the same information that is required to be displayed on letters and order forms. If this information is not included on the company’s homepage, there must be a visible link on the company's homepage which will redirect to this information.