In our updates of July 21, 2008, October 6, 2008, and May 4, 2009, we highlighted the ongoing problem of scams directed at business corporations. These scams are in the form of solicitations sent to corporations that appear to come from a government agency, but actually do not. These solicitations usually offer to assist the corporation in performing a non-existent or not legally required service.

In a press release dated June 4, the Indiana Secretary of State claimed to have tracked down the individuals behind such letters, at least those directed to Indiana corporations. The letters that purportedly came from the "Indiana Corporate Compliance Business Division" were perpetrated by two individuals, Aaron Williams of Las Vegas and Lisa Diane Brown of California. Based on the Indiana Secretary of State's investigation, in cooperation with other states whose corporations were victimized by similar scams, the Indiana Attorney General filed a complaint against Williams, Brown, and their businesses. It is still not known if others are perpetrating similar scams.