Spain's Official State Journal, the BOE, has published the announcement for the new renewable energy auction, which will take place at 09:00 hours on 26 July 2017.

The Secretariat of State for Energy's new Resolution dated 30 June 2017, published by the BOE on Saturday, calls a new auction for allocating the specific remuneration to new facilities that generate electrical power from renewable sources (for a maximum installed capacity of 2,000MW, extendable by a further 1,000MW according to the confidential clause contained in Annex I to that resolution), which, according to the planned timetable, will take place at 09:00 hours on 26 July 2017.

Order ETU/615/2017, of 27 June, has established that the remunerative parameters for reference standard plants, the procedure and allocation rules and all other aspects established for holding the auction and the application of the specific remuneration will be the same as established for the previous auction by (1) Order ETU/315/2017, of 6 April; and (2) Resolution dated 10 April 2017, of the Secretariat of State for Energy (which established the procedure and rules for the auction).

New elements in this auction

By contrast with the previous auction, which included other technologies, the new auction will award specific remuneration to new facilities using wind and photovoltaic technologies.

Furthermore, a change has been made to discount floors in respect of the standard initial investment for reference standard plants, now 87.08% for wind and 69.88% for photovoltaic. The minimum system cost increase has also been modified, now -€18.59/MWh.