Employers from now on can check with local procuratorates whether an individual has  bribery records out of the need of recruitment.

In accordance with Regulations of the Supreme People's Procuratorate on the Access to Bribery Crime Archives, the procuratorates establish a library of bribery crime archives, and for the following reasons the relevant unit may query for the bribery crime archives: qualification review for bids, procurement and supervision; credit management; personnel management including recruiting, hiring and selecting personnel; and credit investigation conducted by financial institutions for the purpose of providing a loan. Besides, the archives are accessible within 10 years upon the date the execution of guilty verdict is completed; the archives beyond the aforesaid period are not available.

KWM Comments:

During recruitment, especially when recruiting senior management, the employers may check that whether the prospect employee has a bribery crime record. The application for such information shall be made to the procuratorate in the region where the employer is located, and once the application is accepted, the procuratorate shall inform the employer of the bribery record, if any, within 3 working days. Be noted that currently the bribery records accessable are limited to bribery crime, excluding the crime of accepting bribes.