Since April 2017 businesses with 250 employees or more have been required to report on their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is the difference between the average earnings of men and women, expressed relative to men's earnings. For example, 'women earn 15% less than men per hour'.

What must businesses do?

Reporting on any gender pay gap requires identifying the correct pay data from which to calculate gender pay gaps in mean pay, median pay, bonus pay and correctly identify and report on quartile bands within the organisation.

Employers must both:

  • Publish their gender pay gap data and a written statement on their public-facing website each year.
  • Report their data to government online – using the gender pay gap reporting service.

When must they do it?

The first report must be published by 4 April 2018, based on the pay figures from a 5 April 2017 snapshot date.

How can we help?

Taylor Wessing has combined forces with accounting firm Blick Rothenberg to provide a one stop service to efficiently help companies comply with the Gender Pay Regulations.

By identifying, gathering, handling and analysing the pay data we can work with you to report on and publish your gender pay gap report. Where relevant we may identify and advise on additional contextual information to assist interpreting an organisation's gender pay gap.

Taylor Wessing and Blick Rothenberg can work with you to identify, within your corporate group structure, the:

Employment issues:

  • which employing entities are affected
  • the relevant employees and workers on the snapshot date of 5 April each year
  • capturing and collating data from external contractors
  • determining those employees on less than full pay

Pay data:

  • what comprises "ordinary pay" and "bonus pay" on which to base calculations
  • verify that systems in place are robust enough to identify all components of basic pay
  • ensure that required payroll information for basic pay can be easily identified from payroll reports
  • assist with supplying supporting narrative to explain variances in gender pay gap and advise on remedial action to be taken