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State and federal regulations touch almost every aspect of the operations of a telehealth company. From navigating complex health care regulations, to ensuring the proper classification of employees, to running an Americans with Disabilities Act–compliant website and patient portal, to the potential for a cybersecurity incident, risk management is top of mind for telehealth companies.

During this program, Mintz attorneys Nancy Adams, Lara Compton, Todd Rosenbaum, and Jennifer Rubin provided an overview of key risk factors for telehealth companies and pragmatic takeaways which you can incorporate into your business practices. We covered a broad array of topics, including:

  • Compliance tips for classifying the individuals providing services to telehealth companies, including the application of California-specific considerations
  • Complex health care regulations
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act and obligations under similar state and local laws
  • Insurance products and programs, including those related to cybersecurity insurance