On October 27, the OCC issued Bulletin 2017-46, updating guidance related to federal bank branch supervision and licensing. The OCC issued a revised version of its “Federal Branches and Agencies” booklet, which clarifies the process for reviewing and evaluating license conversion applications by a state-licensed branch or agency operated by a foreign bank to a federal branch or agency. Bulletin 2017-46 also replaced the 2014 agency paper entitled, The OCC’s Approach to Federal Branch and Agency Supervision. The paper outlines the OCC’s framework and considerations related to (i) the regulatory approach and supervision process for large and complex federal branches and agencies (not community banks), and (ii) the general overview of the filing requirements for applications, notices, and licenses, as well as the review and decision process.

On October 31, the OCC issued Bulletin 2017-48 to update its policies and procedures regarding bank enforcement actions. The updates are designed to provide more clarity and consistency in the implementation, communication and monitoring of enforcement actions. In particular, the updates are intended to, among other things, better describe the relationship between violations, concerns identified in matters requiring attention, and enforcement actions, emphasize communication with bank management and personnel and OCC supervisors, and enhance standard processes for tracking and resolving corrective actions. The updates are effective December 1, and are reflected in its “Bank Supervision Process,” “Community Bank Supervision,” “Federal Branches and Agencies Supervision,” and “Large Bank Supervision” booklets of the Comptroller’s Handbook.