Ryanair has lodged two actions before the Court of First Instance (CFI) alleging that the European Commission (Commission) failed to act in relation to complaints of anti-competitive behaviour by the Italian authorities in favour of certain airlines. The first complaint was that the airline Volare had received reduced airport charges and a write-off of €20m in debts. The second was that Alitalia, Air One and Meridiana had received a number of anticompetitive advantages. These included compensation to Alitalia for September 11 losses, failure to claim Alitalia debts, reduced charges at hub airports, fewer restrictions on operations at regional airports and transfer of staff from Alitalia to the other two airlines. Ryanair claimed that both heads of complaint amounted to unlawful State aid or to the extent that Italian airports acted autonomously, an abuse of a dominant position contrary to Article 82 EC Treaty. The actions before the CFI allege that the Commission failed to act by not opening an investigation or issuing a decision in relation to the complaints.