InCertain Flash Memory Chips (Inv. No. 337-TA-893), Chief ALJ Bullock issued Order No. 76, dated January 13, 2015, sanctioning respondents Macronix International Co., Ltd., Macronix America, Inc., Macronix Asia Ltd., and Macronix (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. ("Macronix") under Commission Rule 210.27(g) for providing a misleading and improper response to a request for production. Macronix’s response stated that "no non-privileged, non-immune, relevant documents responsive to [the request] exist," but responsive documents later were produced in another investigation. Macronix was ordered to show cause why it should not be sanctioned. ALJ Bullock noted that Macronix failed to "comprehend the objective impact and unreasonableness of its discovery response saying that no such documents exist" when it argued that Petitioner Spansion LLC "should have known from what materials Macronix did choose to produce that [Spansion] needed to compel the documents . . . that Macronix did not produce." Macronix also argued that its response was accurate because the request sought documents describing two features of certain memory cells, using the term "and," but none of the documents showed both features. ALJ Bullock found this interpretation objectively unreasonable in light of a definition in the request stating that the terms "and" and "or" shall be construed conjunctively. Macronix was ordered to pay the reasonable costs and attorney fees incurred by Spansion in bringing the motion to compel and re-deposing witnesses, and the Staff’s reasonable costs for responding to the motion and attending the depositions.