Whirlpool Corporation’s facility in Ottawa will have a 1.5-megawatt wind turbine producing energy by the end of the year, The Lima News reports. The company is making a $13.5 million total investment to add turbines to both its Ottawa and Marion plants, according to the article. One Energy will build and finance the wind turbines, which will be “the same design as the ones currently used at Whirlpool’s Findlay facility (see our January 30, 2015 blog post).” Ron Voglewede, Global Sustainability Director for Whirlpool, said in a press release, “Whirlpool Corporation is proud to be a global leader in sustainable on-site energy generation for manufacturing, and this project is the latest to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and renewable solutions.” The company expects the Ottawa turbine to offset 34 percent of its electricity consumption. Ottawa plant lead Jenni Hanna said, “[i]n addition to our commitment to sustainable energy, on-site energy generation enables us to be more efficient long-term. This project strengthens our manufacturing presence in our local community.” For more, read the full article and the press release.