According to a news source, plaintiffs’ counsel and defense attorneys are sharply divided over a U.S. Judicial Conference rules committee proposal to amend the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to limit the number of depositions and interrogatories allowed without asking a judge or opposing counsel for an extension. More than 260 individuals have apparently submitted comments on the proposal, most filed before the draft was officially released.

The committee reportedly defended the limits, claiming that the “lower limit can be useful in inducing reflection on the need for depositions, in prompting discussions among the parties, and—when those avenues fail—in securing court supervision.” While defense attorneys applaud the limits, they are also asking the committee to reinstate a proposed change that would limit requests for documents and electronically stored information. Details about public hearings on the pending proposed amendments appear in the August 22, 2013, issue of this Report. See Law360, August 30, 2013.