Following yesterday’s announcement of a new EU package of sanctions, this blogpost summarises the newly announced UK sanctions against Russia and recent UK designations.

UK – restrictions on provision of services (not yet in force)

On 4 May, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced new sanctions against Russia in the form of a ban on “services exports”. It appears from the press release that the new measures will apply to services provided by management consultants, accountants and PR firms although it is not clear precisely which services will be in scope, to which Russian businesses the restrictions will apply, and/or whether there will be any form of wind-down period or other broadly applicable exemptions or general licences.

The press release does not explain when the restrictions are to come into force and, at the time of writing, no legislation effecting the new sanctions had been published.

UK – additional designations

On the same day, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation published a notice announcing the designation of an additional 63 persons in relation to Russia. The individuals and entities added to the UK’s asset freeze list include Russian war correspondents and news and media organisations.

The notice also sets out that the existing designations of Rossiya Segodnya and TV-Novosti have been amended to bring them within scope of the new internet services sanctions (summarised in our previous blogpost).