In the past decade, a significant number of Asia-Pacific jurisdictions have begun to adopt and enforce competition law. This interactive map provides a general overview of the quickly evolving competition law regimes in the Southeast Asia and Pacific region. As the map highlights, the diverse political and economic developments characterizing the region have resulted in significantly varied enforcement of competition law across the region.

The region is generally moving toward more effective competition law enforcement. In particular, many jurisdictions have introduced or amended their laws to empower the national competition authorities and clarify their competition regimes. This trend is particularly clear with the newly established authorities in the Philippines and in Malaysia, which are rapidly stepping up their enforcement activities. Other jurisdictions (e.g., Singapore and Vietnam) have recently updated their laws with the view of strengthening enforcement.

This map is based on knowledge built up through White & Case's long-standing presence in the region, its close relationships with local counsel in the area, and on publicly available sources. Should you require more detailed information on a jurisdiction (or additional jurisdictions not included in the map), please contact Jacquelyn MacLennan, Jan Jeram or your usual White & Case contact. This page was created in July 2020 and will be updated annually.

  • Active: Relatively sophisticated competition regimes with increasingly experienced competition authorities ensuring strong enforcement.
  • Up-and-coming: Increasing appetite for competition enforcement, thanks to newly introduced or recently amended competition law regimes.
  • Dormant: Competition law has often been on the books for several years, but its enforcement faces serious challenges such as the lack of implementing rules or of skilled personnel in the authorities.
  • No competition law: Competition law has not yet been effectively introduced.