China has received over 800,000 copyright registrations in 2012, in which 680,000 are for original works, up 50%, and 140,000 are for software. Copyright pledged financing secured 2.751 billion yuan worth of loans, involving 773 software works and original works, according to information released by the National Copyright Administration.

Copyright registration last year covered a total of 687,700 original works including those on photography, literature, arts, movie, television, sound and video recording, increasing by 49.05% on a year-on-year basis, of which Beijing owned the most.

Meanwhile, copyright registration of claims on software reached up to 139,200, growing by 27.33%. Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu ranked the first to fifth in this regard. Of all such claims, those on cloud computing got to 1,946, were soaring by 118.65%.

The significant growth of copyright registrations indicated the strengthened creativity, the increased public awareness and the enhanced protection and management capacity of enterprises.

(Source: IPR in China)