CFO Office: Integrated strategic planning

Whether you’re a CFO of a small private or large public company, having a well-defined strategic plan is critical to effectively managing your organization.  An essential component of your strategic planning process is a tool that incorporates:

  • Forecast financial statements for 3-5 years out that are aligned to your historic financial reporting framework and incorporate value/demand drivers (i.e. core underlying variables driving forecast financial information);
  • A level of granularity aligned to your strategic planning framework that’s fully integrated, allowing you to efficiently capture inputs from key contributors including business unit leads, division/cost center heads, etc.;
  • An efficient, flexible structure supporting “real time” updates and that incorporates insightful sensitivity/scenario analysis to help consider and plan for key risks; and
  • Robust outputs tailored for your internal and external stakeholders, to help them “get the big picture quickly”.

All of this will help you set well supported strategic targets, to pro-actively adapt to changes in internal/external conditions, and to confidently present insightful information to your internal and external stakeholders. Most importantly, having a robust tool that’s user friendly and easy to update will reduce the time spent by your financial planning and analysis ("FP&A") and senior finance teams on populating/checking the information—allowing them to instead focus on value added activities like providing strategic insights and support to the organization.  

And finally, although you may think that robust planning tools require acquiring a formal enterprise resource planning ("ERP") system—which is expensive and time consuming to implement—we can explain how this is simply not the case. 

Our Business Modelling Services team is ready to help you develop an integrated strategic planning model tailored to your specific needs.  We have a wealth of experience working with FP&A teams in the design, development and implementation of these tools, which we can apply to help you—from defining the core value drivers and key performance indicators of your business, to working with unit and divisional leads to help implement your strategic plan.   

With the knowledge and confidence you’ll gain from your new integrated strategic planning model, you’ll be equipped to provide higher quality strategic advice and insights to help your organization to make better decisions.