Customer groups requested a stay on a Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) $330 million rider, but the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) denied the groups’ request in a 4-0 vote, reports Gongwer. The rider is part of an electric security plan (ESP) that PUCO approved for DP&L last year. The consumer groups, including Industrial Energy Users-Ohio, Ohio Energy Group, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, and Ohio Partners for Affordable Energy, had asked PUCO for the stay while they appeal the plan to the Ohio Supreme Court (for more on this, see our October 1, 2014 blog post). According to the article, PUCO said the groups “failed to show that the ‘extraordinary remedy of a stay is justified’ in the case.” PUCO agreed with DP&L attorneys, who argued that “the appellants should have instead asked the Supreme Court for a stay.” The opinion stated that PUCO found no legal support for the groups’ claim that “there is a reasonable possibility that the Supreme Court of Ohio will reverse or remand the ESP Order.”