In an article published on June 22, 2016, Atlanta partner Erika Birg wrote about the most efficient ways for parties in an arbitration to handle a dispute, turning alternative dispute resolution (ADR) into efficient dispute resolution (EDR). “The claimant in the arbitration (the filling party) has the first opportunity to ensure that arbitration is efficient by selecting the proper administrator, either under contract or by research if not identified by contract,” Ms. Birg writes. She provides tips for the claimant in the procedure to follow, including selecting the proper administrator, asking questions, researching the claims, and drafting a narrative rather than a full complaint. Tips for the respondent include making sure the arbitration is occurring in the location designated in the governing contract, looking for flaws in the statement of the claim, and asserting viable counterclaims; but otherwise saying little. She concludes by saying, “Cooperation goes a long way to creating EDR. And if you cannot cooperate, a strong arbitrator who is committed to an efficient process may do it for you.” For the full article please click here.