• Troll takes on the tech industry

Relatively unknown company Unwired Planet has decided to take on tech heavyweights Huawei, Samsung and Google. It’s hard to imagine picking a less dramatic patent fight. The proceedings are still at an early stage. Unwired Planet is openly offering FRAND licence of its patents but this case could go all the way to trial. Want to find out more?  Unwired Planet has taken the somewhat unusual step of publishing its pleadings online here.  

  • Will it be possible to get website blocking orders against sites selling counterfeit goods? 

So far the big website blocking cases have been about infringement of copyright in music and films.  Big brand powerhouses such as Richemont are looking at building on these precedents to take action against ISPs for hosting websites selling counterfeits. The Richemont case is reportedly based on a section in the Supreme Court Act which grants a wide discretion to the Court in granting an injunction and could, in theory, cover trade mark infringement. We will keep you posted on how this develops…