Glacier Re unsuccessfully appealed the decision of an English court allowing Gard Marine and Energy to bring proceedings under their participation in a contract of excess of loss reinsurance. Gard invoked English jurisdiction under the Lugano Convention, contending it brought claims against a London-domiciled participant and that the risk of irreconcilable judgments favored bringing all claims together at once. Glacier argued that its participation in the agreement was governed by Swiss law, so there was no risk of irreconcilable judgments. The appellate court determined that the parties to the excess loss reinsurance contract had chosen English law, and that the reinsurance arose out of Glacier’s participation in the London market. The underlying policy also was governed by English law. Further, the court determined that it did not make commercial sense for one portion of the contract to be considered under English law, and another under Swiss law. For these reasons, the appeal was dismissed. Gard Marine and Energy, Ltd. v. Tunnicliffe, Case No. A3/2009/2376; EWHC 2388 Comm (Ct. App. Q.B. June 10, 2010).